® | As part of Diplomat Specialty Infusion Group®, InTouch Pharmacy is becoming Optum® Infusion Pharmacy.

Healthcare Providers

InTouch Pharmacy is a National specialty pharmacy & home infusion provider. InTouch Pharmacy is structured to provide maximum support to our referring physicians and their nursing / referral teams.

We take over the Prior Authorization process for you, to relieve that strain and burden from you.

To make a new patient referral to InTouch Pharmacy, please follow these easy steps:

  1. Click on the Download link below.
    Select the referral form specific to the disease state or drug you are referring.
  2. Print out and complete the referral form.
    If you don’t see the applicable specific form, please use the General Referral Form.
  3. Return the completed referral form to us:
    E-mail to info@intouchpharmacy.com or Fax: 404-973-2711
Download Referral Form

Our mission is to facilitate the entire specialty pharmacy referral process and make things easy for our referring Physicians, nurses, and referral staff .

Here’s How We Do It:

  • Template Physician referral forms are available on our website, customized for each condition and drug class to facilitate the physician prescribing and referral process.  We want to make your job easier!

    Medications can be delivered to the patient’s home or the physician’s office.

    We train the patient and counsel them on the administration of their drug.  That saves you time!


  • We handle all aspects of the insurance benefit verification and  pre-authorization process. 

    We have trained nurses available to administer injections and infusions in the patient’s home, perform dressing changes as needed, and train patients in self-injection or self-infusion techniques.

    In-house bilingual Spanish-speaking pharmacist and office staff+


  • You will have direct contact (including cell phone number) at all times of our Pharmacist, Marisol Limehouse, and Pharmacy Director, Rob Limehouse.  Any time you need to discuss a patient, just call us direct! 

    Patient compliance and adherence programs to optimize drug therapy outcomes

    Diagnostic Testing compliance: If the patient needs to have regular diagnostic or lab testing performed as a condition of their drug therapy regimen, we will remind the patient and ensure patient follow through and compliance.

    Annual Dispensing Reports provided to physician detailing all drug dispensing by patient for the year.

InTouch Pharmacy values our trusted working relationships with physicians, nursing staff, and referral coordinators.

As our partner, you will have the cell phone number & other direct contact details of Marisol Limehouse, our Pharmacist & Rob Limehouse, Pharmacy Director.

Owned and operated by Rob & Marisol Limehouse, InTouch Pharmacy is structured to provide the best outcomes and quality of life for the patient and their family.

Toll Free: 877-874-5099    |     Local: 706-400-6180